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Valutek’s polyester floor mop head is manufactured with 100% white filament polyester in strands to absorb and encapsulate liquids for maximum sorptive capacity. The knitted fabric has extremely low particle and fiber generation which ensures excellent cleaning results. Laundered and packaged in a cleanroom, all Valutek mop heads are tested and manufactured in ISO compliant facilities under Valutek inspection and strict process control to ensure Valutek quality standards and product specifications.


As part of the Valutek Microtek product family, this product is recommended for use in a cleanroom Class 100-1,000 (ISO 5-6) critical environment. The mop head is compatible with a wide range of chemicals. This makes it ideal for single use of wet mopping of floors in controlled environments, such as lab and process area floor cleaning.


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Polyester Knife Cut Edge Fantail Mop Head 7x16
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