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Technical Data Sheet


Valutek’s lightweight pre-wetted polyester wiper is composed of 100% continuous filament polyester fabric pre-wetted with a blend of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and DI water.

The pre-wetted format enhances the wiper's absorbent capacity, and effectiveness, and reduces airborne contamination from traditional solvent bottle dispensers, spray, and spills.

All Valutek pre-wetted wipers are assembled in a Class 10 cleanroom under strict inspection and process control.


  • 100% continuous filament, double-knit polyester fiber
  • Laser-sealed (thermally sealed) edge for reduced fiber contamination
  • Pre-wetted with specified IPA/DI Water concentrations to a 38% saturation level
  • Size 9X9 (inch)


  • Available in both reusable pail packaging and refill pack packaging
  • The pre-wet solution increases both cleaning efficiency and cleaning protocol consistency
  • Very low levels of particles, fibers, ions, and extractables.


As part of the Valutek Nanotek product family, this product is recommended for use in a cleanroom Class 1-10 (ISO 3-4) critical environment.

Designed for critical surface cleaning, requiring control of flammable solvents and concentrations

Various IPA blend levels are suitable for removing different cleaning and disinfecting residues in regulated environments.


  • Pail: 150 wipers/pail 
  • Refill Bags: 150 ea/bag
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Premium Lightweight Pre-Wetted Laser-Sealed Polyester Wiper 70% IPA by Valutek
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