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Valutek - 70% IPA / 30% DI H20, Polyester, Cold knife cut, 9" x 9"

by Valutek

Technical Data Sheet  




Part #  VTPNWSI70-99 & VTPNWSI70R-99 

Valutek’s pre-wetted polyester wiper is composed of 100% continuous-filament polyester fabric pre-wetted with a blend of isopropyl alcohol and DI water. The pre-wetted format enhances the wiper’s absorbent capacity, effectiveness, and reduces airborne contamination from traditional solvent bottle dispensers, spray and spills. All Valutek pre-wetted wipers are assembled in a Class 10 cleanroom under Valutek inspection and strict process control to ensure Valutek quality standard and product specifications.


  • 100% continuous filament, double-knit polyester fiber with cold knife cut edge
  • Pre-wetted with specified IPA/DI Water concentrations to a 38% saturation level
  • Available in both reusable pail packaging and refill pack packaging
  • The pre-wet solution increases both cleaning efficiency and cleaning protocol consistency
  • Very low levels of particles, fibers, ions and extractables
  • High abrasion resistance


As part of the Valutek Nanotek product family, this product is recommended for use in a cleanroom Class 1-10 (ISO 3-4) critical environment. It is designed for use in wet cleaning of critical surfaces where control of flammable solvents and flammable solvent concentrations is required. Various IPA blend levels are ideal for removing different cleaning and disinfecting residues in regulated environments.


Pail: 150 ea/bag  (This item is priced and sold by the pail)

Refill Bag: 2 bags of 75 wipers each, packed in one master bag, for a total of 150 wipes.