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Adhesive Mat 18x36 Blue, White or gray | 30 Sheets/Mat 4 Mats/Case

by Valutek
SKU VT18364P30L-W

Technical Data Sheet  




Part #  VT18364P30L

Valutek multi-layered low density polyethylene adhesive mats can effectively capture dirt and dust from foot-traffic and equipment wheels before they enter a cleanroom or controlled environment. Each removable layer of Valutek adhesive mats has a specially developed adhesive coating designed to provide an effective means of reducing contamination by trapping and preventing the transfer of particles.
Valutek provides mats that are suitable for Macrotek, Microtek and Nanotek applications. The mats are ideal for a wide range of applications including cleanroom entrances, gowning rooms, laboratories or work stations that require high levels of contamination control. Adhesive mats are widely used in a variety of industries including semiconductor, biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceutical, aerospace, automotive and construction.


30 layers/mat, 4 mats/case, (a total of 120 sheets)

This item is priced and sold by the case.