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Part #  VTPNW

Valutek’s standard weight polyester wiper is constructed from 100% continuous-filament polyester in a double-knit, no-run, interlock pattern, and with a cold knife cut edge. This substrate exhibits moderate absorbency and low levels of particulate and extractable counts. Laundered and packaged in a cleanroom, all Valutek wipers are tested and manufactured in ISO compliant facilities under Valutek inspection and strict process control to ensure Valutek quality standard and product specifications.


  • 100% continuous filament, double-knit polyester fiber 
  • Cold knife cut edges 
  • Chemically compatible with IPA and other common solvents Moderate absorbency and abrasion resistance 
  • Low levels of particulate and extractable counts 
  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit most applications 


As part of the Valutek Microtek product family, this product is recommended for use in a cleanroom Class 100-1,000 (ISO 5-6) critical environment. It is commonly used in a wide variety of applications, such as the breakdown cleaning in fab and suite construction, equipment wrapping, wiping down, stencil and other print roll cleaning, medical device product cleaning, and autoclavable/sterile product cleaning for aseptic applications.


9"x9" (150 Ea/Bag) 
12"x12" (75 Ea/Bag) 

All wipers are packed in double poly bags, vacuum sealed, flat packed in carton boxes and with a carton liner.
Critical environment compatible. All wipers are lot traceable with retention samples held in Quality Control for 36 months from date of manufacturing.

This item is priced and sold by the bag.

Polyester Knit Wiper Knife Cut Edge
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